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Product Information


Why did you create Easy Peezy? 

Easy Peezy was born out of necessity.  In 1998, my goat Skipper had a urinary blockage after eating too much alfalfa. He stood in his stall in the early morning grunting and straining with no success. I had been an herbalist for a number of years by then so I threw together herbs that would likely be helpful and fed him several handfuls.  He wanted to lay down so I walked him around the yard for 45 minutes; a small dribble was visible. I fed him another handful of the herbs, walked him again and then I waited.  By late morning, as he stood in his stall, a smile came over his face (really!) as a healthy stream formed.  I continued to give him the herb mix on a daily basis for a week or so. Shortly after this, a conversation with a local veterinarian regarding cats with urinary tract problems propelled me to look at the possibility of a similar formulation being helpful. At the time, there were few available options for addressing this in cats and dogs. With some experimentation and liquifying the product, Easy Peezy became an available remedy for urinary tract problems and has been in use since.


How do I know what dose to use?  

If you know your dog or cat has a chronic condition, two - three times a week is the recommended maintenance dose. Watch your pet’s behavior to see if they are urinating without straining and they seem to empty the bladder fully. Noticing changes in behavior is very important. The dose described on the label can be increased up to twice daily if needed, then reduced as your dog or cat’s condition improves. Do not simply discontinue using this as this may cause a flare up. Instead, reduce the dose gradually to help your pet’s system naturally adjust.


IMPORTANT! Sudden onset urinary blockage can be life threatening. Seek immediate emergency veterinarian assistance for sudden onset of symptoms.


Will my dog or cat have to use this long term? 

This is difficult to answer.  Every animal is different.  Some cats and dogs have chronic conditions for which a health care provider cannot identify the cause.  Others have an episode or two of urinary tract discomfort and then are fine.  This is the why it is important to understand your pet’s normal and abnormal behavior to anticipate any re-occurrence.


Are there any known side effects? 

Occasionally a dog or cat may have mild diarrhea for a day or two when you start the formula.  If this does not clear up or gets worse, discontinue use.


My cat gags when I give her this.  Is this a problem? 

Some cats have a gag reflex after administering a dose.  This is not harmful. Squirt directly in mouth and massage the throat gently to help them swallow.


Is Easy Peezy safe to use with kitten and puppies?  

This product is safe for kittens six weeks and older; dogs eight weeks and older.


What if my cat or dog is pregnant?  

There are no known ill effects from this product’s use in this situation. We recommend you check with your animal medical provider for guidance.


Can Easy Peezy be added to wet food? 

Yes.  Cats may or may not like the added flavor. Dogs seem fine with it.  They will even lick it from a spoon.


Where do you get your herbs? 

To provide consistency in product quality, all the herbs are purchased from Frontier Herb Co-op in Iowa.  They certify them as organic.


Are quantity discounts available? 

Quantity discount pricing is available to veterinarian clinics and retail stores.  Please contact for information.


Orders, Payment and Shipping:  

Orders are placed on-line. Payments can be made by credit card or PayPal.  Shipments are sent USPS priority mail.  Ask your retail store or veterinarian to carry this product if this is more convenient for you.


Returns and Refunds: 

If you are dissatisfied with this product for any reason, please contact us and tell us what the problem is. If appropriate, we will provide you with a full product refund or replacement.

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