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EASY PEEZY for urinary tract issues in dogs.

Easy Peezy for Dogs is an herb formulation that soothes kidney and bladder irritations and restore healthy urination function. The ingredients are gentle and easy to digest. 


  • Red Clover Flower is traditionally used as a blood purifier. 


  • Nettle Leaf is astringent and may help stop bleeding and may also encourage tissue repair.


  • Marshmallow Root and Horsetail Herb are known to sooth inflamed, irritated tissue and may dissolve deposits. 


  • Burdock Root is traditionally used to reduce swelling in tissue. 


  • Dandelion Root is traditionally used as a detoxifying herb and diuretic.


Blended together, these herbs provide a full spectrum of care for urinary tract conditions.*

* This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.


Indications for Use


The following may be indicators of a problem.

  • Difficulty urinating and decreased stream volume.

  • Urinating in inappropriate places.

  • Increased frequency.  

  • Blood in urine. 


If you believe your dog has a urinary blockage, immediate contact with your veterinarian is important. Urinary blockages can be life threatening and should be attended to immediately.

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