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Urinary Tract problems in ruminants is often caused by feed problems. Easy Peezy was first developed for Skipper the goat in 1998 after he ate too much alfalfa. After treatment, he regained his health and the formula has been used many times since with cats, dogs and ruminants. Quick action is required when you find one of your animals in distress. Begin the treatment protocol immediately and continue until the condition has improved. Watching your animal for several days afterwards is also important. Once someone has had this problem, re-occurrence is possible. Preventative daily dosing is recommended in these circumstances.


The herbs in this formula are mild and effective. Ruminants often eat them on their own so you should have no problem administering doses. Organic ingredients, vacuum sealed for freshness.


Horsetail Herb and Marshmallow Root address inflamed and irritated tissue and dissolve deposits.

Nettle Leaf and Red Clover Flower are traditional blood purifiers.

Burdock Root is commonly used to reduce swelling.

Dandelion Root promotes urine flow.


Use and Suggestions

Prevention: 1 Tablespoon/Day mixed with grain or molasses or give directly. Daily use recommended. 


Acute Conditions: 3 Tablespoons every hour given as above until condition improves then 1 Tablespoon twice/day for two weeks. Follow with preventative dose of 1 Tablespoon/day when necessary.


If your ruminant is resistant to feeding, make a brew of 1/4 cup herb added to 2 cups boiling water. Let it steep for at least 30 minutes then strain. Cool. Use a syringe to administer 1/2 cup at a time every hour until improvement.


Be sure there is adequate access to water.


Determine the improper food source before treatment


Isolate your animal if possible to keep your attention on his condition

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