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Ariel Botanical Company creates, manufactures and distributes quality herb formulas for our companion and barnyard animals. We’ve been doing this since 1996. The company’s namesake, Ariel, was 21 when he passed away in 2001.

Easy Peezy for Cats and for Dogs provides urinary tract relief.  It is also available for goats and sheep. Pooper Dooper for Senior Cats is a gentle herb blend designed to address constipation issues for the aging cat crowd. 

Our commitment is to provide only quality stuff – whether it is a product ingested, applied to the skin or catnip tossed around a room. 

We love to hear from our customers.  Let us know your experience with our products. You can contact us through the website or at


The Ariel Botanical family currently includes six cats and a dog. With the exception of a deliberately acquired mouser - and she is a master - they are all rescues. Whether showing up at the house on their own or catching our attention at an area shelter, they are all amazing and full of personality. Ariel Botanical Company supports animal rescue and re-homing.

The company's founder, Tenby Owens, has provided herbal services to dogs and cats and goats for more than 20 years. An American Herbalists Guild Professional Member since 1999, she is trained in Chinese and Western herbal traditions. 

The artwork you see on Ariel Botanical products, including the ‘family photo’, is designed by Linda Day. 

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